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Your company and your office at your doorstep anytime and anywhere in the world

Accountant Records

The impact of COVID 19 on the world economy is an opportunity for businesses to reinvent their business strategy.

Proaccountsuk is one of the market leaders who can handle virtually any admin and business support you need. With our cloud-based platform, we combine all the features and tools an effective and successful finance professional needs on a 24hour basis.

We are experts at modernizing secretarial and office administrative support services through our cloud-based platform. Our Intelligent Assistants are ready to take responsibility for the delivery of day-to-day operations on behalf of our clients, freeing management teams to focus on growing their business. Taking your calls and managing your email and files, all under your company name, we become a part of your team. Whether you are self-employed, a start-up, a small business looking to expand, or a global company seeking a UK presence, if you are looking for a prestigious location, we can help you control costs and move forward.

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Virtual Office 


Proaccountsuk holds a General Practice Licence and an Auditing Licence and offers a full spectrum of company formation services and secretarial services. We have a unique approach to delivering exceptional service with our in-house experts. We are experts in our field and we operate with the highest ethical standards and strictly adhere to all known laws and regulations. Our services are competitively priced to suit a wide variety of customers, including entrepreneurs, consultants, corporations, lawyers, accountants, start-ups, and high net worth individuals. Our philosophy is to help our clients well into the future, and we have established relationships with many of them that we continue to build on. We look forward to establishing many more. With our cloud-based platform, we can remotely set up the company of your choice. You simply need to upload all your documents on our cloud platform for the formation of the company through a secure username and password. All documents related to the company will also be stored on our cloud system and can be accessed and retrieved through the secure username and password issued to you.

Company Formation

Just as setting up a new company can be a hassle for you, closing the company as well can be a tricky one. If you need to wind up your company and remove it from the Companies House register, you need a professional who can help you throughout this process. Proaccountsuk can assist you in this lengthy process and help you comply with all the required statutory filings.

Company Dissolution

Need more details? Don't worry we have a support team to help and listen to any queries questions or feedback

company formation
company dissolution
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