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Customers need is the way for our firm to go.


Businesses that operate in the education sector, such as schools and academies, do so under immense financial pressure, as well as succumb to economic climates that don’t reflect well on education as a whole.


Proaccountsuk provides specialist solutions to businesses in the education sector to ensure that they comply with any regulatory changes, whilst making a sustainable profit. No matter how large or small the business, our team employs their wealth of experience to completely tailor our services to suit your exacting needs; there is hardly any scenario we can’t help with. Our proactive approach helps to identify any possible issues ahead and helps you to plan effectively to implement efficient growth plans. 


Services we offer include:

  • Financial Accounts & audits

  • Management of Accounting & Payroll

  • Financial Accounts & HMRC compliance

  • VAT registration & returns

  • Tax Advice

Tax and accounts for self-employed contractors and freelancers

With a median income of £43,000.00 and average working hours of 38.2 per week for UK freelancers, we aren’t surprised that more and more UK professionals are turning to freelance or consulting.


We provide experienced and affordable online accounting through our cloud-based platform and face-to-face accountancy, tax and business services, and advice to freelancers or consultants in various industries.


A few examples of our diverse freelance and contractor client base includes:


  • Designers

  • IT Consultants

  • Writers

  • Business consultants

  • Consultant or partner solicitors or accountants

  • Medical professionals including doctors, dentists, opticians, physios

  • Management Consultants

  • Financial advisors

  • HR Consultants


We offer a full range of accounting services specifically for Dentists, GPs, Vets, and Opticians.


We understand the complexities faced by the medical and health industry and can have the expert knowledge to optimize your business so that you maximize your claims for tax-deductible expenses and national insurance refunds. In addition to offering the full range of accounts, VAT and payroll services, we can also help you plan for expansion, succession, or retirement.


Our accountants will ensure you are working from the appropriate tax code and are operating from the most appropriate legal entity. While it is commonplace for healthcare professionals to pay excessive tax or NI, it is better to ensure the initial submission is accurate, rather than rely on reclaiming overpayments.


We also regularly commission bespoke research into the industry and have helped our clients analyze their business to help maximize profitability and renegotiate new NHS contracts and alterations to existing contracts. Our Commercial Managers are industry specialists, so you can expect accounting expertise and sound commercial advice all under one roof.


With our services and cloud-based platform solutions, you can concentrate on delivering top-of-the-line medical care to your patients without being bogged down or being mentally diverted from the main task at hand.

Health Care Accountants for Dentists, Doctors, Vets, and Opticians

Why we help the self employed


Affordable fixed accountant fees for self-employed. Our services are designed and priced to reflect the fact that consultants and freelancers do not generally have the same volume of transactions or paperwork as other businesses. However, good tax advice is equally important as with other businesses.

Growth strategy

The strategy is also important for self-employed clients – many consultants and freelancers aspire to grow their businesses and employ staff. We have the in-house software and expertise to create the right growth strategy and also offer legal and employment law advice. With our business consultancy services, we can help you every step of the way, from company formation and taking on your first employee, to obtaining funding and maintaining or growing your business.

Online accounts for freelancers, contractors, and consultants

Accounts and Legal combine traditional accounting methods with up to date, easy to use and understand accounting cloud software, meaning that freelancers and consultants will benefit from online accountants services at the same time as enjoying the quality and expertise of a named qualified accountant for each individual business.

Tax Planning for freelancers and consultants

As a consultant or freelancer, you will need to make sure that your affairs are structured in the most effective way to ensure your tax bill is kept as low as possible. We provide individual tax advice to our freelance and consultancy clients to ensure their own tax position is as optimized as it can be. We also provide estimates and dates of future tax payments and keep you up to date with changes in legislation that may impact you. As part of our service, we offer a full tax review on an annual basis to ensure nothing is overlooked. 

VAT returns service and advice

Tax advantages encourage the self-employed to register voluntarily for VAT before it is mandatory but the subsequent increase in accounting obligations and costs can be detrimental. The UK tax system is onerous and complicated and HMRC will often issue penalties and interest on what can quite often be innocent mistakes.

Creative and Media

We know that creative and media professionals require cost-effective tax and accounting packages to help run their businesses as well as access to expertise to assist them with growth and development.


Our specialist knowledge empowers a range of businesses in the creative and media sector, including architects, artists and art galleries, photographers, film, advertising, and creative agencies to overcome business challenges and achieve their ambitions. We keep them organized and compliant by offering excellent value cloud-based accounting packages designed to take care of the paperwork and reporting while they concentrate on doing what they do best.

Bookkeeping for creative and media businesses

Innovation is the key. We use cloud-based accounting software to enable you to easily keep track of your financial affairs. We have access to everything we need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which allows us to answer your questions in real time.

Tax Planning for media clients

We understand that creative and media professionals need to know how much of their income will be taxed. By assisting our clients in understanding their income and expenses we ensure they are ready for their tax bills.

Industry Expertise

From stage to store we work with creatives across the board. Our team comes from a variety of professional backgrounds including outside accountancy which means they can relate to a range of creative clients.

VAT Services

VAT can be tricky for Creatives and Media professionals. You may not be obliged to register but doing so could leave you in a better position. Our team actively work with our clients to ensure VAT registration and compliance are taken care of when they need to be.

Management accounts, strategy and growth planning

Our business consultancy services are designed for creative businesses to expand. With our expert team, you can stop worrying about the numbers and concentrate on what you do best – being creative. Our team of business advisors can help you with all aspects of your creative business, from recruiting and managing the right people to managing your taxation, accounting, and financial needs.

  • Effective cloud-based accounting services for independent creatives from a diverse accounting and business advice firm.

  • Tailored business development advice and mentoring.

  • Creative marketing and growth consultancy available.

  • Legal advice in-house.

  • In-depth insight reports making creative businesses more efficient.

  • Applied financial planning for growth.

Education and Childcare

Childcare can be a changeable business, one minute a nursery can be full to the brim then the next it can be lacking in numbers. This sector is heavily regulated with strong governance and financial pressures. Understanding which tax incentives to take advantage of, and which to avoid, can be a minefield without specialist help. To help businesses in this sector flourish, we need to get a clear overview of the financial stability of the businesses as a whole.

Retail and Wholesale

Retail and Wholesale companies are consistently influenced by transformations in the economic system and periodic variations in their customers' spending patterns. We work with Retail and Wholesale businesses, providing sound, actionable advice to support the success and growth of their businesses. Proaccountsuk can also assist you to remain profitable during the slow seasons through budgeting, thorough financial controls, as well as constant cash flow management. One of the features of accounting for Retail and Wholesale is that transaction volumes are often high which means that record-keeping processes and checks are essential. Good systems and advice for monitoring supply chains and cash flow are also of paramount importance whether the business has a physical shop presence or is an e-commerce seller.


By combining our Retail and Wholesale accounting experience and business consultancy services we offer shop owners and online sellers tailored tax and cloud-based accounting packages designed to take care of the paperwork and planning while they concentrate on doing what they do best. Our accountants and business consultants can offer independent retailers relevant and effective accounting and business consultancy services to help them maintain their presence and expand efficiently.

Engineering and Manufacturers

Our specialist team offers a wide range of services that are tailored to meet your individual needs. Our understanding of the issues faced by manufacturing businesses means that we can proactively seek out ways for you to maximize your profitability and minimize your tax liabilities.


Manufacturing and  engineering remain part of the key sectors within the UK, and today many manufacturers, small and large, are upbeat about the future of the sector. In recent years the sector has become increasingly innovative, diverse, and forward-thinking, with a strong focus on the research and development of new technologies. Productivity, fierce global competition, and the growing skills shortage, however, remain key challenges that many manufacturers are facing.


Our services:


All these services are provided under our cloud-based platform.

Small / Medium-Sized Business


Small and medium-sized businesses are finding it difficult to manage accounts and financial records that are accurate and up to date. At Proaccountsuk this is something we can do for you remotely through our cloud-based platform. We have been providing comprehensive accounting services to individuals and small to medium-sized companies for years.  We begin by discussing your business needs, we set up relevant accounting procedures and controls to ensure your accounts are kept fully up-to-date and in compliance with statutory obligations.


We provide the following accounting services:


  • Bookkeeping services

  • Bank Reconciliation

  • Statement of Assets and Liabilities

  • Accounts receivable and payable

  • P&L Statements

  • Payroll Services

  • Financial Reporting

  • Tax Preparation


As part of our accounting services, we can also:


  • Prepare all financial statements

  • Prepare to adjust entries to facilitate the bookkeeping process

  • Analyze the cost of business operations

  • Complete your income tax returns

  • Offer advice and guidance with making financial decisions

Accountants for Landlords

Our team of accountants can help you save money by ensuring you are maximizing all forms of tax allowances and deductions which are extended to Landlords and advise you on the most tax-efficient way to purchase or maintain a property to let.


We provide more accounting services to Landlords such as bookkeeping through our cloud base online bookkeeping; annual property accountants for Landlords and filing of tax returns within HMRC deadlines.


Whether you are an individual, a joint property owner, a limited company, a buy to let Landlord, property investor, or developer, our team of accountants will ensure that you are operating in the most tax-efficient way.

Hospitality (Restaurants, Bars, and Hotels)

Our accounting solutions are implemented within an integrated, end-to-end operating structure designed for the hospitality industry and our accountants have extensive experience in handling financial and tax issues in this sector.

Accountants for restaurant businesses

We operate on a cloud-based platform which gives you the possibility to have actual information on a 24/7 basis. Competition is fierce and we know that restaurant or leisure entrepreneurs are amongst the most committed and determined business owners and we are here to give the support you require with our know-how and experience in the sector.

  • The cash nature of business and volume of transactions can mean record keeping is very hard work and can also result in an increased risk of fraud and need for tight budgeting, management accounts, and planning.

  • The complex nature of demand, trends, supply chains, and costs generally mean that tight budgeting and clear visibility on income/expenditure is essential.

  • Cash flow problems are especially quick to arise and escalate and can destroy restaurants and leisure businesses quickly.

  • Restaurants and food and drink and the entertainment business are a sector that HMRC keeps a close watch on. You are probably more likely to face VAT scrutiny and inspection before other types of businesses do.

  • Employment law issues – compliance, staff problems, and relatively high staff turnover can be problematic, as can payroll when you have staff on flexible employment terms such as zero-hours contracts.

  • The need to have a clear and compelling business plan – passion alone may not be enough to succeed. Competitor analysis, market research, strategy are all key and also for raising finance and/or keeping lenders such as banks on your side if things get difficult.

  • We know how tricky it can be to deal with tips, VAT and payroll in the hospitality industry. We can help you navigate the tax complexities of troncs and cash payments and help you put practical systems in place to make sure that you comply with the tax rules whilst keeping admin to a minimum. If that sounds complicated, we make compliance easy with a full range of online accountancy services.


Our team of accountants provide you with the expertise to deal with all the above issues and will advise you on how to handle and tackle them.


Accountants for property developers and investors

Proaccountsuk accompanies you as a property developer whether you are a novice or experienced professional to ensure you are maximizing the value of your assets and that your business has a solid strategic plan with an emphasis on long-term profitability, cash flows, operational efficiencies, and income tax minimization. Our experience and industry knowledge give us the insight to provide you with the solutions for even your most challenging issues.


The services provided by the Proaccountsuk team of accountants help you in achieving your goals in an ever more competitive environment and making sure you set your business up correctly to suit your purposes and take advantage of any tax reliefs that may be available. These services include but are not limited to audit, securing finance, account preparation, tax planning, advice on long-term efficiency, and specific services tailored to meet business. Our business consultancy service can also be used by developers to assist in planning investments and ensuring timing is optimized and everything is tax efficient.

We provide experienced and specialized accountancy and tax services for estate agents, construction businesses, builders, property investors, buy to let and property companies.

Tax and legislation affecting businesses in the property sector are always evolving. We ensure our property industry clients are always informed and updated, making certain that they are compliant and operating in the most tax-efficient way.


Our team of ACA and ACCA accountants offers tax consultancy and accountancy services to all property professionals and companies from landlords with small portfolios to estate agents with multiple branches. In addition to helping you keep on top of your VAT returnspayroll management accounts, we will help you monitor your client account and perform your ARLA Byelaw 3 report.

We also regularly commission bespoke industry research which means we can provide clients with an original insight into their sector to help identify new opportunities or manage potential new risks. We also help our larger property clients by benchmarking operating outlays and analyzing employee costs and productivity against competitors.

  • Considered tax advice and self-assessments for landlords

  • Expert industry commentary

  • Quality, affordable accounting packages for Estate Agents

Property Management, Development, and Construction

Property Accountants

Need more details? Don't worry we have a support team to help and listen to any queries questions or feedback

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